Saturday, August 03, 2013

Cool Stuff - Yogi Backgrounds

A lot of other animators don't really understand my love of Yogi Bear cartoons, but there's genius in there I tell you!

The second (and final) year "Yogi Bear Show" shorts kind of had the animators' drawings degenerate a bit, but these background paintings by Art Lozzi are my favorites out of the whole damn thing.

Such great economy and style in these pieces! It's too bad it took until the show was practically over to develop this look. Later incarnations of Yogi cartoons used awful background styling, but they're no good anyway... so who cares?

I kind of like Fernando Montealegre's ultra-graphic simplified stuff from the early "Huckleberry Hound" Yogi cartoons;

and Richard Thomas' loose and trippy paintings are pretty cool too;

I had hoped that when they put out that live-action kiddie movie a couple of years ago somebody would want to make to make new Yogi cartoon shorts to capitalize on the marketing, but that never happened.